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Jaimi Freeman



Excellence is the byproduct of doing common things uncommonly well. There’s certainly no shortage of real estate professionals out there, only a shortage of satisfied clients. To that end, real estate agent Jaimi Freeman is committed to being the uncommon for like-minded clients that share her standard of excellence. Jaimi believes that when you partner well, you succeed together.

With nearly fifteen years of professional expertise, Jaimi has a remarkable command for managing all aspects of real estate. A graduate of Stanford University, Jaimi has spent her career implementing principles that her education instilled in her, namely that outperformance is the only performance. With a background in property management, and a husband working as principle of a commercial real estate firm, Jaimi brings a uniquely well-rounded perspective to her clients on all types of endeavors.

And her track record proves it. Over the past fifteen years, Jaimi has demonstrated her belief that excellence is a continuous process. From selling a record-setting $160 million in sales over just two months to managing a two hundred million dollar portfolio for the first residential luxury high rise in San Jose, Jaimi simply doesn’t understand “good enough.” She is always improving, always advancing, always outperforming. Because there’s top performing agents, and then there’s Jaimi.

Especially attracted to partnering with up and coming entrepreneurs and ladder-climbers that identify with her go-getter spirit, Jaimi has the skill to keep you focused on what you do while she handles what you want. Whether using her professional Staging Certification to expertly unload your home through thoughtful presentation or tracking the day-to-day development of the dream home your hard work has earned, Jaimi is getting it done properly, thoroughly, professionally.

To Jaimi, being a realtor is more than just selling homes. It’s about exceeding expectations. It’s about the extra mile and the best possible outcome. It’s about relationships and trust with clients who know she cares. So though there’s no shortage of real estate professionals out there, there’s just not much competition.

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