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Adam Wilson




My name is Adam Wilson and I am a multi-disciplined Realtor® that brings a new approach to real estate. For me the successful practice of real estate is simple yet profound, treat my chosen career as a profession as opposed to a trade. This entails going above and beyond the expected role of a Realtor® and never ceasing to discover how I can better serve my clients. With a background in the creative industries I have gone to great lengths to develop an arsenal of powerful marketing strategies and techniques, in addition to having an acumen for the subtleties and finesse required to consistently close transactions. I take my fiduciary duty very seriously and my aspiration is no less than to be known as the most effective, innovative, and accomplished Realtor® in the South Bay to both my clients and peers. To assist in accomplishing this goal, I have partnered with Edge Real Estate Agency to enable me to comprehensively serve my clients. Most importantly, I love what I do. I love the freedom to create my own unique method of practicing real estate built on the foundation of established sound business principles, as well as being able to contribute new ideas to further my profession. My reward is when my clients affirm my efforts with their complete satisfaction of having me as their agent and being able to play a small part in helping them achieve their life goals.

I am a South Bay resident in Torrance, CA with my wife Nicole and my sons Asher and Judah. I eagerly look forward to representing you as your most trusted, comprehensive real estate professional.

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